Catalyst research

Catalyst for olefin polymerization is an important factor that can determine the quality and characteristics of polyolefin products. Unlike common catalysts, it cannot be recycled. Therefore, the development of high activity catalyst is directly related to cost savings and enhanced productivity in petrochemicals processing. Our research institute has succeeded in developing its own catalyst. It was introduced to our production process in July 1983 and has greatly contributed to cost savings and productivity enhancement.

Manufacture research

  • Quality improvement of common grade products
  • Development of high value added functional products
  • Development of new materials by applying new technologies
  • Quality improvement of existing products for superior technology-based market dominance
  • Technological services and joint products development with clients


  • Component analysis and specifications verification for main and supplementary materials, products, by-products, testing products, resin materials, and processed goods
  • Analyses of the causes of product-related complaints and commissioned analyses
  • Basic properties analyses for new products development and comparative analyses with rival products
  • Quantitative and qualitative analyses of various resin additives
  • Process improvement in production divisions and basic analyses for troubleshooting
  • Properties analyses of resin products

Process Improvement and Generation of High Value Added Products

  • Development of oil products using Process Simulation Program
  • Cost reduction and energy-saving through main and secondary processes
  • Validation of business width high value added
  • Researches on the use of by-products for high value added purpose