Second Takeoff

Having successfully emerged from the crisis, KPIC carried out initial public offering in 1999. KPIC therefore equipped itself with a foundation for a second takeoff by securing financial health and a capacity to make future investments. To meet the demands of new era of informatization and new management, KPIC introduced a new information system. KPIC is confidently meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow by introducing advanced management systems such as New Performance Evaluation System and Process Improvement.

May 11, 1999 The first “No Accident for 4 Million Hours” is achieved. (The 28th “No Accident for One Million Hours” is achieved.)
Jul 29, 1999 Initial public offering is carried out: capital increase with consideration from KRW 28.7 billion to 41 billion.
Aug 11, 1999 KPIC is listed at Korea Stock Exchange.
Mar 2, 2001 Shanghai, China Office is established.
Mar 28, 2001 Established Onsan Tank Terminal.
Nov 14, 2002 Onsan Tank Terminal is renamed Odfjell Terminal Korea as a joint venture with Odfjell begins.
Jul 9, 2003 The construction of Headquarters Building is completed.
Nov 30, 2003 US$ 200 Million Export Tower Citation
Aug 1, 2004 Guangzhou, China Office is established.
Nov 26, 2004 US$ 300 Million Export Tower Citation
Dec 31, 2004 Korean World-class Product Award 2004
(Matt Resin for Film)
Jul 22, 2005 Korea Air-tech Co., Ltd. Founded
Nov 30, 2005 US$ 400 Million Export Tower Citation
Dec 31, 2005 Korean World-class Product Award 2005
(PP Random Pipe, Polyethylene Based Adhesive Resin for Steel Pipe Coating (P601 KUBL, A015E))
Mar 18, 2006 OCU Plant Constructed
Nov 30, 2007 US$ 500 Million Export Tower Citation
Oct, 2006 BTX Plant Constructed
Nov 30, 2008 US$ 600 Million Export Tower Citation
Dec 31, 2009 Korean World-class Product Award 2009
(High Purity Polypropylene for Capacitor Film)
Jan 28, 2010 The first “No Accident for 5 Million Hours” is achieved. (The 42th “No Accident for One Million Hours” is achieved.)
Sep 29, 2010 The first “No Accident for 6 Million Hours” is achieved. (The 43th “No Accident for One Million Hours” is achieved.)
Dec 21, 2011 Korean World-class Product Award 2011
(Ultra High molecular weight polyethylene)
(Very High molecular weight polyethylene)
Dec 5, 2012 US$ 800 Million Export Tower Citation
Dec 19, 2013 Korean World-class Product Award 2013 (Lithum ion Battery Seperator of dryng process)
Dec, 2014 EO/EG PLANT Constructed
Dec 16, 2015 Korean World-class Product Award 2015 (Ultra High molecular weight polyethylene)
May, 2017 NCC Expansion Constructed