KPIC is operating verticalized production plants ranging from naphtha cracking to synthetic resins at petrochemical complexes in Ulsan and Onsan. We are also strengthening the high valuation of our products through constant facility investment for constructing OCU, BTX, EO/EG plants, and we are enlarging our business into various basic materials fields.
The Naphtha Cracking Center in Onsan produces basic derivatives such as ethylene and propylene, and supplies them downstream to domestic/ overseas customers. Our resin manufacturing plant in Ulsan produces synthetic resins such as polypropylene and high-density polyethylene and provides them to customers worldwide.
More specifically, our resin manufacturing plant in Ulsan operates eight production lines that can frequently change catalysts and operating conditions. It can therefore produce and supply products for uses and to standards required by customers and adequately cope with any small amount of urgent orders.



PP 550,000 M/T
HDPE 650,000 M/T
Ethylene 800,000 M/T
Propylene 510,000 M/T
Benzene 180,000 M/T
Toluene 70,000 M/T
M-Xylene 40,000 M/T
EO/EG 200,000 M/T