HDPE for Injection


  • HDPE products for injection molding have high stiffness and impact resistance, and are fit for pallets and containers.
  • These products are fit for general articles and thin walled products due to good flowability.


  • High Stiffness
  • Good Impact Resistance
  • High Flowability


  • General Articles

  • Pallet

  • Toy cabinet

  • Outdoor goods

Features and Uses per product

Grade MI Density Features Uses
M690 12 0.962 High Stiffness, Flowability General Articles, Thin Walled Products
M830 2.8 0.962 High Stiffness, Impact Resistance Industrial Parts, General Articles, Containers
M850 4.7 0.965 High Stiffness, Impact Resistance Industrial Materials, General Articles, Containers

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Contact Info.

Contact Info.
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