General Homo PP for Yarn


  • General Homo PP products for stretched tape have good processing properties over a wide range of process conditions.
  • These products have good productivity due to ability to stretch well and fast crystallization and good processability due to high abrasion strength and little cracking when stretching.
    These products are mainly used for bags, fishing nets, and ropes.
    5012U and 5014U are suitable for outdoor products since they have good weatherability against ultraviolet rays.


  • High Tenacity and Good Tensile Properties
    These products maintain their properties and processability at high draw ratio as well as low draw ratio due to high tenacity.
  • Good Weatherability
    These products show constant properties when used for fishing nets, ropes and bands due to good weatherability.


  • Ropes

  • Ropes

  • Bands

  • Woven Bags

Features and Uses per product

Grade MI Features Uses
5014 3.2 General Purpose Fishing Nets, Ropes, Bands, Packaging Tapes
5014 SI 3.3 Good processibility, high clarity Straw
5014U 3.5 Weatherability Fishing Nets, Ropes, Band Packaging Tapes

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Contact Info.
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