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ISCC PLUS Certification

Certification history

Obtained ISCC PLUS Certifications for the first time for petrochemical products (Butadiene, HDPE, PP)

Certification particulars

Date of Issue
: 2024.03.11
Issue No.
: ISCC-PLUS-Cert-DE105-89958101, ISCC-PLUS-Cert-DE105-89958001
: Production, management and sales of eco-friendly raw material-based
                                  petrochemical products (Butadiene, HDPE, PP)
Valid Period
: 2024.03.11. ~ 2025.03.10.

ISCC PLUS Certification

ISCC PLUS Certification
Language Site of certification Date of Issue Valid Period Files
English Ulsan Plant 2024.03.11 2024.03.11~2025.03.10
English HQ 2024.03.11 2024.03.11~2025.03.10