• Developed PPR Pipe grade for ultra high pressure (PPR112 class)

  • Developed Melt Blown grade with pellet type ultra high flowability
  • Developed sheet grade with high heat resistance, flame retardant and impact resistance

  • Developed high catalytic activity and process for HDPE product
  • Developed high purity PP for capacitor film
  • Developed PP for LiBS of drying process
  • Developed high speed, wide-width BOPP film grade
  • Developed HDPE for thin film
  • Developed PP for Non-woven clothes
Jun.1977 Developed KPC Catalyst for HDPE
Feb.1980 Developed HDPE grade for Thin Film
Nov.1982 Developed LLDPE Process
Sep.1983 Developed supported-catalyst for HDPE and deashing process
Jun.1984 Developed Impact resistance PP and PP for Non-woven clothes
Oct.1985 Developed Supported-Catalyst for PP (Equivalent to Himont and Hipol Process Catalyst)
May.1986 Acquired UL mark in Flame Retardant Grade
Oct.1986 Completed Compounding Plant for Special Grade
Apr.1987 Developed PE Pipe for Hot Water Service and Under-floor Heating System
Jul.1988 Developed High Speed, Wide-width BOPP Film Grade
Apr.1989 Developed PE Pipe Grade for Water Supply
Apr.1993 Developed Process using High Catalytic Activity for PP Product
May.1994 Developed Plastic Sheet Substituted for Wood (Korean Patent 94-9846)
Oct.1994 Developed Silane type Co-catalyst for PP (Korean Patent 94-33314)
Nov.1995 Developed HDPE for Pallet (Korean Patent 95-48798)
Dec.1996 Introduction of Technologies in HCPP, HSPP and Terpolymer
Dec.1996 Developed PE Polymerization Catalyst with Uniform Particle Distribution (Korean Patent 96-81295)
Dec.1999 Preparation Method of Supported-metallocene Catalyst for Olefin Polymerization (Patent 99-56793US 99-9592184)
Jun.2001 Developed PE100 Pipe Grade
Jun.2001 Developed NHP(n-Hexane Plant)
Dec.2002 Preparation Method of Propylene/Ethylene Block Co-polymer using heterogeneous catalyst (Korean Patent 2001-37162)
Dec.2002 Developed IBP(iso-Butane / 1-Butene Plant)
Jan.2003 Preparation Method of Olefin Co-polymer Containing a Large Percentage of Polar Monomer and Olefin Co-polymer Ionomer Containing Metal-salt (Korean Patent 2001-71862)
Apr.2003 Developed PPR Pipe Grade for Hot Water Service/Under-floor Heating System and Acquirement of PPR112 Class

Aug.2003 Developed VGR(Vent Gas Recovery) Process
Oct.2003 Developed PE Adhesive Resin for Steel Pipe Coating and Resin for Jacket of Wire & Cable
Dec.2003 Developed High Purity PP for Capacitor Film
Mar.2004 Developed PEXb Products
Jul.2004 Developed High purity PP for Semiconductor Wafer Carrier Box
Oct.2004 Korean Patent: Preparation Method of a Catalyst for Ethylene Polymerization and Ethylene Co-Polymerization
Dec.2004 Matt Resin for Film awarded as Korean World-class Product
Dec.2005 PP Ultra High-Pressure Pipe Resin awarded as Korean World-class Product
Dec.2005 PE Adhesive Resin for Steel Pipe Coating awarded as Korean World-class Product
Aug.2006 Developed manufacturing process of high purity thermal resistant resin grade for capacitor film
Jun.2008 Developed grade for capacitor film with high purity and roughness
Apr.2007 Developed PP resin for the use of Melt Blown with Pellet Type Ultra High Flowability for the first time in Asia
Jul.2007 Developed grade for electric & electronic parts protective film
Mar.2009 Developed own manufacturing process of UHMWPE grade
May.2009 Developed Matt resin for low-gel film
Jul.2009 Developed grade for silicon wafer dicing film
Nov.2009 Developed high stiffness PP-B Pipe grade for drain pipe
Dec.2009 High purity PP for Capacitor film awarded as Korean World-class Product
Feb.2010 Developed VHMWPE grade for LiBS
Jul.2010 Developed PE grade for High-strength fiber
Dec.2011 U(V)HMWPE grade awarded as Korean World-class Product for next generation
Feb.2012 Developed PP grade for optical fiber cable (Substitute for PBT)
Jun.2012 Developed PP grade for LiBS of drying process
Dec.2012 Developed PE grade for multi-filament with high tenacity using Metallocene catalyst
Dec.2012 High molecular weight polyethylene awarded as Korean World-class Product
Dec.2013 Polypropylene for LiBS of drying process awarded as Korean World-class Product
Dec.2015 UHMWPE grade awarded as Korean World-class Product