General Homo PP for Fiber


  • General Homo PP products for fiber have high processability for high-speed melt spinning by optimizing molecular weight and distribution for processing conditions.
  • These products have good tenacity, gloss and color stability suitable for various fiber purposes.


  • High Tenacity
    These products have high tenacity and mechanical strength.
  • Weatherability
    To be applied to textile, clothes and carpets, the weatherability is enhanced to maintain constant properties.
  • High Flowability
    By controlling rheology, these products have high flowability and constant spinnability suitable for non-woven clothes.


  • fibered

  • Fabric

  • Non-woven Clothes

  • Carpets

Features and Uses per product

Grade MI Features Uses
5010 10 High Tenacity Textile, Clothes, Carpets, Wadding
5010U 10 High Tenacity, Weatherability Textile, Clothes, Carpets, Wadding
5016S 15 General Purpose Textile, Clothes, Carpets, Wadding
5030 40 High Flowability Non-woven Clothes

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Contact Info.
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