General Homo PP for Film


  • General Homo PP products for film show good properties of transparency, gloss and stiffness due to molecular design and stereo regularity control fit for OPP, CPP and IPP.
  • These products not only have good mechanical properties, processability, thickness stability and good productivity, but can be used under various process conditions and maintain good quality in the processing, being fit for general packing film for food , clothes and high-quality film.
  • KPIC has been producing MATT resin for film and master batch products such as antistatic agents, slip agents and antiblocking materials to control the surface properties of film.


  • High Transparency and Gloss
    These products are transparent to the naked eye due to high transparency and add elegance to products due to high gloss.
  • High Heat Resistance and Good Stiffness
    These products show stable processability and productivity due to dimensional stability at high temperature.
    These work especially well when applied to a core layer for metallization and to packaging film that requires high stiffness and low curling.
  • Good Mechanical Strength and Processability
    OPP film grades have suitable film properties for various uses and show good stretch over a wide range of temperature.


  • Food Packaging

  • Food Packaging

  • Cigarette Packaging

  • Food Packaging

Features and Uses per product

Grade MI Features Uses
1088 10 IPP, General Purpose, Transparency Food Packaging, Clothes Packaging, General Packaging
1088A 10 IPP, Good Transparency, Low Slippery Food Packaging, Clothes Packaging, General Packaging
1088B 10 IPP, High Slippery Food Packaging, Clothes Packaging, General Packaging
5014L 3 OPP, For Metallization, High Speed Processability Food Packaging, Clothes Packaing, General Packaging, Cigarette Packaging

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Contact Info.
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