Gil Soon Kang, CEO
Through management innovation and R&D,
we will strive to maximize the interests
of our customers and stockholders.
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Established in 1970, KPIC built Korea’s first synthetic resin plant. We have contributed to Korea's development by consolidating the foundations of the petrochemical industry in Korea.
Furthermore, we have supplied high-quality products and services in line with our corporate ideology that values technological innovation and a "you-first" spirit. With a managerial principle that pursues the right path and a spirit of challenge, we are coping with changes and overcoming crises and have emerged as a world-class petrochemical company.

Now, all KPIC executives and employees are getting closer to you with their management principles of "New Value Creation, Pursuit of the Highest Quality, and Maximum Client Satisfaction as a Comprehensive Chemicals Corporation.

Through continuous managerial innovation and R&D, we will enhance the value of our corporation and maximize the interests of our customers and stockholders.
Furthermore, with a corporate ideology that respects human values and an environment-friendly management, we will fulfill our social responsibilities so that we can return your trust.

Thank you.
Gil Soon Kang, CEO