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Mixed Xylene


Items Test Method Unit Specification
C8 Aromatics ASTM D-2360 Wt.% Min. 97.3
C9 Plus Aromatics Hydro Carbons ASTM D-2360 Wt.% Max. 1.0
Non Aromatics ASTM D-2360 Wt.% Max. 2.0
Relative Density (15.56 / 15.56oC) ASTM D-4052   0.86 ~ 0.877
Color (Pt-Co) ASTM D-5386   Max. 20
Distillation Range (at 760mmHg) ASTM D-850 oC Max. 6
Acid Wash Color ASTM D-848   Pass with 6
Sulfur Compounds - H2S and SO2 ASTM D-853   None Detected
Copper Corrosion ASTM D-849   Max. Pass with 1b
Acidity ASTM D-847   None Detected
Bromine Index ASTM D-5776 mg/100g Max. 20

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