Challenge and Response

With the construction of the Naphtha Cracking Center with an annual productive capacity of 250 thousand tons in 1991, KPIC has verticalized the processes of its petrochemicals production. However, the liberalization of investment in the petrochemical sector became the background of the first serious crisis since the establishment of KPIC. The challenge was successfully met by the joint efforts of the management and the workers. Despite the challenge, KPIC continued to pursue active managerial and industrial innovations for the development of high value added products. In this period, Technology Research Institute was established and KPIC acquired ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certificated.

Jan 4, 1989 The construction of Naphtha Cracking Center in Onsan begins.
Mar 1, 1989 The construction of the Seventh Ulsan Plant fro the production of high density polyethylene is completed.
Nov 7, 1989 Anyang Depository begins operation.
Dec 23, 1990 The construction of Research & Development Center is completed.
Nov 2, 1991 The construction of Onsan Naphtha Cracking Center is completed.
Jun 29, 1994 Ulsan Plant (PP and HDPE) acquires ISO 9002 certification.
Oct 25, 1995 Onsan Plant (ethylene, propylene, mixed C4, Pyrolysis gasoline) acquires ISO 9002 certification.
Nov 9, 1996 KPIC acquires ISO 14001 certificate for the establishment of an environmental management system that controls all aspects of production processes.
Nov 11, 1996 KPIC participates in the projects for super crystallization PP and low melting point Random Copolymer. (Technology transfer contract is signed with Japan’s CHISSO.)