HDPE for Yarn


  • HDPE products for stretched tape are divided into products for mono-filament, flat yarn and wool pack.
  • These products can be handled under various processing conditions due to high tenacity and good tensile properties and can be used for fishing nets, ropes, shade nets, wool bags and stretched tapes.
  • These products have good chemical resistance, electric properties, weatherability and flexibility as a product with the good processability.


  • High Tenacity and Tensile Properties
    These products maintain their properties and processability at high draw ratio as well as low draw ratio due to high tenacity and good tensile properties.
  • These products show constant properties when used for shade nets, fishing nets and ropes due to good weatherability.
  • Good Processability


  • Ropes

  • Tarpaulin

  • Dust resists

  • Shade Nets

Features and Uses per product

Grade MI Density Features Uses
E308 0.85 0.956 Good Stretch, High Tenacity Fishing Nets, Ropes, Insect Nets
E308T 1 0.956 Good Stretch, High Tenacity Stretched Tapes, Tarpaulin
E308U 0.85 0.956 Good Stretch, High Tenacity, Weatherability Shade Nets, Fishing Nets, Ropes, Stretched Tapes
HT306 0.6 0.960 High Stretch, High Tenacity High-strength fibers (Fishing Nets, Ropes), Tarpaulin, Stretched Tapes

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