HDPE for Film


  • HDPE products for film are bimodal products with ideal distribution of molecular weight, have good processability and are fit for high-quality film.
  • Due to good mechanical properties and processability, these are used for shopping bags and packaging film of all types.
    F600M grade, having high weatherability, is most fit for agricultural mulching film.


  • Bubble Stability
    These products have good bubble stability, so that they are useful for producing films with constant thickness and widewidth films.
  • High Stiffness and Tear Strength
    As a bimodal product designed as a high molecular weight, these products have good stiffness, tear strength, extrusion processability and productivity.
  • Low Die-deposit
    These products have good productivity and are fit for film with good surfaces by reducing die-deposits in the extrusion processing.


  • T-die Film

  • Shopping Bags

  • Retort Pouch

  • Agricultural Uses

Features and Uses per product

Grade MI Density Features Uses
F600 0.035 0.957 High Stiffness, High Tear Strength Shopping Bags, General Purpose, Industrial Uses
F500 0.07 0.956 High Stiffness, Low Die-Deposite Shopping Bags, General Purpose, Industrial Uses
F600M 0.035 0.957 High Stiffness, High Tear Strength, Weatherability Agricultural Uses

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