MDPE PE80 P502 Series


  • P502 series are Medium Density Polyethylene products, developed through KPIC’s own technology.
  • These products have good processing stablility and pressure resistance and are fit for gas pipes and drinking water pipes.


  • Classified as MRS 8 material at 20℃, 50 years according to ISO9080
  • Good Processability due to wide range of molecular weight distribution
  • Excellent Mechanical Properties and Long Term Durability
  • Good Processability and high output in extrusion
  • Good Flexibility


  • Gas Pipes

  • Gas Pipes

  • Gas Pipes

  • Pittings

Features and Uses per product

Grade MI Density Features Uses
P502 0.15 0.939 PE80, Creep Resistance, Flexibility, SCG, RCP, Color:Natural Gas Pipes, Drinking Water Pipes
P502 YE 0.15 0.941 PE80, Creep Resistance, Flexibility, SCG, RCP, Color:Yellow Gas Pipes, Drinking Water Pipes

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Contact Info.

Contact Info.
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